The City of Houston Municipal Courts Department has begun its fall amnesty program, allowing people with delinquent cases to get them resolved without penalty.

Any cases delinquent before October 1 are eligible and the program will run through November 19.

“What we’re doing with this program is making sure that it is intended to assist the citizens of Houston and the surrounding areas who have City of Houston citations,” said Judge J. Elaine Marshall. “Those citations that people have tried to pay, wanted to pay, couldn’t pay, tried to get close to paying, and you just didn’t make it.”

Marshall, Director and Presiding Judge of the Municipal Courts Department said now is the time for people to take care of lingering warrants, any moving or nontraffic violations, theft or assault are eligible for a discounted rate.

“We have gotten a very huge response in the past. The attorneys can come in if the citizens go to the attorney,” Marshall said. “The attorneys are coming in and talking to the judges.”

The program doesn’t include parking citations, administrative violations, bond forfeitures or civil cases.

“So we’re here to resolve your old cases, your delinquent cases. We have alternative payment plans to do things, help assist you in paying them,” Marshall said. “We have judges that have been trained and already to help, and we need you to come in, not be afraid to come in, but to come in, talk to one of our amnesty judges, and be able to come out feeling much better about what you can do with your life.”