The Houston Independent School District is inviting special education teachers and school administrators to the district’s fourth annual HISD Special Education Conference, “Design with the End in Mind.”

The conference will focus on designing curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of every student, including students with disabilities and English language learners.

The training is being offered July 18 and July 19 at Pin Oak Middle School. During the training, participants will attend several different sessions that will provide them with instructional resources to help understand and educate their students.

Earlier this year, the district hosted several special education forums where parents addressed their concerns and had the opportunity to meet with district leadership in an effort to improve special education services.

HISD special and general education teachers, instructional support personnel, Superintendent Richard Carranza, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Grenita Lathan, Assistant Superintendent for the Office of Special Education Services, Dr. Joan H. Anderson, Keynote Speaker Dr. Barbara R. Blackburn and Dr. Adam Sáenz

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