Houston Texans team up with local plumbing company to provide $30k in winter storm home repairs
Whitney Mercilus of Houston Texans looks on during the NFL game between Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on November 3, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images)

Nearly a month after Winter Storm Uri, thousands are still without water and trying to recover from major damage. As FEMA and insurance companies are backed up with claims, many Texas residents have become homeless. Chester Pitts, former member of the Houston Texans, along with current Texans players Whitney Mercilus and Justin Reid, teamed up to partner with Michael Amaro and his company Superior Plumbing Solutions, donating plumbing supplies and nearly $30,000 to fix homes throughout the City of Houston.

The effects of climate change and the increased frequency of disasters and storms, have created deep losses and challenging recovery for the most vulnerable in our communities. Nearly three weeks ago, over 15 million Texans lost water and still over 300,000 are living without water due to plumbing disasters. And due to overwhelming demand, the availability of plumbing supplies has been limited.

Pitts, Mercilus and Reid are known as champions in the community through their philanthropic work. Their time as Houston Texans players has increased their love and passion for the people of Houston and the entire state of Texas. 

“I was part of the 15 million people left without water and power,” said Pitts, an original member of the Texans. “I was also part of the thousands of people with busted pipes, but I am part of the small percentage who was able to get repairs immediately. Knowing communities of people who look like me are still without, it is my duty to help. To whom much is given, much is required.” 

“While training in Arizona, the storm came through the place I called home,” stated Mercilus. “It reminded me of the feeling of helplessness I had when Hurricane Harvey hit and I was stuck with my teammates in Dallas. For children with disabilities, the needs are even greater. Most can’t survive without water or power and as a Disability Advocate, I had to step up and take care of the people I fight for.” 

When Storm Uri moved into Texas, Superior Plumbing Solutions received unprecedented requests for plumbing repairs. Furthermore, the number of residents in low income areas who could not afford the services became overwhelming. 

“I am a business owner, but I also do what I do because I love helping people,” shared Amaro, CEO of Superior Plumbing Solutions. “Storm Uri was eye opening and it put me in a position to do more and really connect with the community. When I heard what Chester, Whitney and Justin wanted to do, I was so excited, because I was happy to know that we could now serve even more people in low economic areas.”   

Amaro and the Superior Plumbing Solutions team started working on hundreds of homes two weeks ago with the help of the Texans. Together, they have been able to help Houstonians in low economic areas and people who have been affected financially by the pandemic. Superior Plumbing Solutions will continue to work through the funds, materials and time donated over the next month.