Residents living in an apartment complex in northeast Harris County are furious about what they say are “inhumane” living conditions and are pleading with the city for help. 

City Crossing Apartments residents say they are experiencing mold, excess rodents and no air conditioning. Resident Shena Goodman said she is living in “horrible conditions,” along with her husband who has stage four colon cancer. She said too many health codes are being violated.

“I pay my rent on time, I have never been late, I have zero lease violations. I go to work I do what I have to do,” said Goodman. “We aren’t lousy, we aren’t loud. We are hardly here because if he is sick, it’s just my kid here.”

Crossing Ridge property management said it is addressing the concerns of its residents, and one health violation was corrected as early as this morning. But community activist Dr. Candice Matthews said more needs to be done.

“We are here to attack the slumlords, these are people who are paying their rent and no public assistance,” said Matthews. “This is an overall problem and we are starting a task force to attack these landlords.”

Matthews added that ten tenants have come to the apartment complex to file complaints. 

“No one should have to live like this. They should not have to live in horrible conditions like this,” said Matthews.

Lone Star Legal Aid is providing free legal counsel for the tenants. Last month, Mayor Sylvester Turner led a charge for apartment owners to comply with health regulations. The city has warned apartment owners to comply or legal action would be taken.