Senator Borris L. Miles is proud to announce that three key bills have advanced at the Capitol this week: SB 518 which offers a franchise tax credit to companies that offer a paid internship, SB 790 to continue the Women’s Health Advisory Committee and SB 1269 for a comprehensive flood control study for the Houston region.

“These three key pieces of legislation address many issues that touch my community and the entire state of Texas,” said Senator Miles. “These bills focus women’s health, growing our youth workforce and  finding solutions to chronic flooding.”

SB 790 would continue the Women’s Health Advisory Committee, which is made up of family planning and women’s healthcare providers. This committee makes recommendations on the state’s women’s health programs. This bill passed the Senate Floor unanimously and will now go to the Texas House.

Leaders from manufacturers and the oil and gas business have stated that they are constantly in need of qualified workers to meet growing demand. SB 518 seeks to address this growing need by ensuring thousands of young Texans receive critical experience in high-need professions as a paid intern. In return, companies offering paid internships would receive a franchise tax credit. This bill passed out of the Finance Committee and will advance to the Senate Floor.

SB 1269 would create a task force to create a comprehensive flood study for the Harris and Galveston Counties. The University of Houston would lead the task force of flood control experts, analyze the challenges to flood infrastructure in the area and make recommendations. This legislation passed out of committee and will go to the Local and Uncontested Calendars to be considered for full passage.

“I’m going to keep fighting to pass legislation that will address major concerns affecting our community,” said Senator Miles.

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