A Spring High School principal’s Facebook page is “under review” after an anti-Trump post she made on the social media site went viral.

Diaka Carter took to Facebook on Sunday to post about the inauguration of Donald Trump, writing, “I have to realize that expecting others to represent my disgust and views is exactly how the hell we elected this moron.”

She went on to describe “a sea of white faces at his inauguration void of color, a cabinet full of non-qualified white males.”

Concerned parents and family members of kids at the school feel that Carter should not be putting her political views out there.

“If I had put out this post and the word “white” had been changed to “black,” there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was a racist remark,” said grandparent Karen Lundberg.

The post was reportedly removed from a school message board, and Carter’s Facebook page was changed to “private.”

A Spring ISD spokesperson said that the post and the principal are still being reviewed, noting that parents had brought up concerns but the school wanted to respect first amendment free speech rights for their staff as well.

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