Texas Southern University’s National Society of Collegiate Scholars chapter (TSUNSCS) has been recognized by its governing body as a Certified Gold Star chapter for the 2016-2017 academic year. TSUNSCS was reinstated in Spring 2017 following a four-year hiatus from campus.

“The Texas Southern family is proud of TSUNSCS’s stellar accomplishment so soon after the chapter’s revival on campus,” said TSU President Austin Lane. “The dedication and hard work necessary for the chapter members to boost scholarship, leadership and service within the student body is to be praised.”

The achievement of Certified Gold Star status is highly coveted among the 330 NSCS chapters throughout the country. All Certified Gold Star chapters implemented highly engaging events throughout the year to receive this honor. TSUNSCS hosted Integrity Week in February and the resulting video clips spurred our Tigers into reflection and positive action. The group is committed to influencing student scholarship, leadership, and service.

TSUNSCS officers are Goodluck Ijezie-Desbois, president; Makenna Pouengue, vice president of events; Nicole Sampy, vice president of community service; Eniola Bankole, treasurer; Javonna Smith, vice president of Social Media; Darryl Gardner, executive vice president; Kylor Caraway, secretary/Star Status coordinator; and Alexandra Taylor, member engagement manager.

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