Well-known Tulsa police officer Amley “Popsey” Floyd, who became famous after his Facebook post following the Terence Crutcher shooting went viral, will be filling a new role for the police department as the first ever Riverside Community Resource Officer, a position he will serve in a full-time capacity according to a news release.

According to NewsOn6, Floyd’s new job will put him contact with residents, businesses and other community partners.

“The goal of this position is to foster a better relationship between members of the public and the Tulsa Police Department through crime prevention education, direct one-on-one interaction between members of the community and the police, and to identify ways in which the police and community can work together to improve the quality of life for those in the 61st and Peoria area,” according to TPD.

Floyd made news last year after his Facebook post in response to the shooting death of Terence Crutcher by Tulsa Police Department Officer Betty Shelby went viral.

“I work for you. I will protect you. I do not take the Authority that comes with my badge for granted. I know you may be upset about the recent events all over the country and now here in Tulsa,” Floyd wrote in the Sep. 19 post. “I don’t have the answers that you are looking for, but I will continue to be the solution.”

“ One thing that I want you to know is this. The Tulsa police department is hiring. If you believe that change is required, please join the department and be the change that you are seeking,” he continued.

This new position will give Floyd, who joined Tulsa PD in 2011, the chance to do just that — make a difference.

NewsOn6 reports that Floyd has a strong commitment to community policing and runs a program called “Bike for a Smile” which rewards kids good behavior and good grades. Additionally, he volunteers for Shop with a Cop, Big Brothers, and the youth ministry at New Hope Baptist Church.

Maybe Officer Floyd will be the positive change that leads the way toward good community relations with the police.

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