Black Tax Give Away flyer
Credit: Courtesy of BLK

BLK, the largest dating app for Black singles, annouced its latest initiative, “Break the Bank 2.0: Black Tax Giveaway,” the second phase of their successful 2022 Break the Bank initiative.

The program is designed to address the financial strain faced by Black singles, known as “Black Tax,” by providing financial support to those who have been negatively impacted by this burden.

As part of the initiative, BLK will promote “Black joy” by awarding $250 gift cards to BLK users who have had to make sacrifices in other areas of their life.

“Black Tax” is a term used to describe the financial burden faced by Black individuals and families in supporting their extended family, community, and sometimes even strangers. This burden often results from systemic racism and economic inequality, which limits opportunities for Black people to build wealth and access resources.

Black Tax is not an official tax, but rather a social expectation that Black people must financially support their family members and community to overcome financial hardship. It is a significant issue in the Black community, and its impact is felt across generations.

Recent survey results released by BLK found that 79% of Black singles were unaware of the term “Black Tax” as a financial strain faced by Black families until now. The survey found that 44% of Gen Z and one in three Black singles over 40 financially support their families due to this burden. And those that don’t have a steady income are still impacted, with 46% of unemployed singles supporting their family financially because of Black Tax.

A majority of respondents (64%) believe that partner support in this area is crucial. Siblings and mothers are the most commonly supported family members, and paying bills and buying groceries are the primary forms of assistance.

Unfortunately, this financial burden takes an emotional toll on many, with 46% reporting negative impacts on their mental and emotional well-being. In fact, for 28% of Black daters, Black Tax even affects their dating life, leading to less money for dates and a lack of quality time. For some, like one survey respondent who cares for a handicapped mother, Black Tax led to the end of a marriage and subsequent relationship due to a lack of time and resources.

As part of the “Break the Bank 2.0: Black Tax Giveaway” initiative, BLK is giving away $250 to 10 users who have been negatively impacted by Black Tax.

To enter the contest, BLK users must share a written story highlighting their personal “Black Tax experience” – emphasizing the personal sacrifices they have made to financially support their family members and sharing how they would use the $250 gift card. The winners will receive $250 to splurge on an area of their life that has been compromised due to the financial burden of Black Tax. This can include expenses such as dating, school fees, vacations, clothing, rent and any other areas that have been negatively impacted by Black Tax.

The initiative aims not only to provide financial support to those affected by Black Tax, but also to raise awareness of this significant issue and promote Black joy within the community.

“At BLK, we are deeply committed to promoting Black Joy through our marketing initiatives and campaigns. We acknowledge the financial burden faced by many Black families, and we believe that it’s our responsibility to support and uplift the community,” said Jonathan Kirkland, head of brand and marketing for BLK. “This program is not just about providing financial assistance to those impacted by ‘Black Tax,’ but also about raising awareness of this critical issue that affects so many. We hope to inspire and empower individuals to achieve their goals and experience the joy they deserve.”

BLK’s “Break the Bank 2.0: Black Tax Giveaway” initiative will run from April 26 until May 3. To learn more about the program and how to enter, visit: