Last week, I wrote about a woman who missed out on a date with a questionable man after she took a picture of his license plate.

While most women recognized that she was doing this for her own safety, her date felt that she was doing too much.

And he left her. There were several men who supported his decision.

The woman and her story are given a bit more context with a recent study from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which reports that not only are all women likely to be murdered by their romantic partners but that the women are most affected by these murders from said partners, are Black women.

” By race/ethnicity, non-Hispanic black women had the highest rate of dying by homicide (4.4 per 100,000), followed by AI/AN (4.3), Hispanic (1.8), non-Hispanic white (1.5), and A/PI women (1.2).”

The report found that of all the deaths, the women had been the victim of some sort of violence the month before. And arguments or jealousy were often the catalysts for the violence that led to their deaths.

Black women were number one in many of the categories. Number one in the deaths among women 18-29. Number one among women who were single or never married at the time of their death. Firearms were most commonly used against Black women.

In order to address these issues, the CDC recommends more programs to aid women who are in abusive relationships, more education about healthy relationships and relationship skills, such as anger management and conflict resolution.

They also reported that preventing this type of violence starts with addressing the community as a whole, noting that neighbors with higher rates of poverty, health inequities, etc contributed to increased intimate partner violence.

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