Macerata, Italy is the scene of a mass shooting targeting black people. Luca Traini, 28, went on a shooting rampage as he drove around the town. Seven people have been injured with one in serious condition and requiring surgery.

The alleged gunman, draped in the Italian flag, made his way on foot to the war memorial and made a fascist salute before he was arrested. Italian media says he yelled, “Long live Italy” after trying to get away on foot.

Authorities found a handgun in his car that they suspect is the weapon used in the mass shooting. He did not have it hidden, it was in plain sight on the seat of the car.

The center-left Democratic Party has claimed that Traini was a candidate for the rightist Northern League in the elections last year. They have also accused him of shooting at one of their offices before police arrested him.

Mayor Romano Carancini had warned residents to stay inside while police were hunting for the shooter.

“Stay at home until further notice. There is an armed man in a car who is shooting in the city,” he said about the mass shooting.

The police tweeted, “Gunshots in Macerata. There are wounded. Police operation in progress. Stay in shelter and avoid outdoor areas.”

The first shooting happened at 11 am local time. His victims were two young African migrants. Shortly after that another migrant and an African woman were also shot.

Italian police set up roadblocks all over town to try and catch the mass shooter as they pored over CCTV footage.

These attacks happened just days after Italy learned of another horrific crime. An 18-year-old woman was found dead and cut into pieces. Her body was discovered hidden inside two suitcases. A Nigerian migrant was arrested in relation to her murder.

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