Lizzo encourages U. Michigan students to vote Biden-Harris

Defender News Service

Lizzo, the celebrity with Houston ties but is a native of Detroit, shared a message to Michigan young adults to get out and vote.

Biden for President Michigan released a digital ad featuring the Grammy Award-winning artist that is a plea targeted to students at the University of Michigan. Lizzo encouraged them to vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris.

Acknowledging the realities of the pandemic, Lizzo stressed that voting could still be safely done.

“Hello University of Michigan. It’s Lizzo. I’m here in Detroit urging young people to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and I need your help. I know the University of Michigan has a stay at home order to keep everyone safe but the order specifically says that students are allowed to go out and register and vote early,” she said in the pitch.

“So don’t wait. Put on your mask and go vote today. There’s even an early voting center at your campus art museum. So for more information, go to Go Blue and go vote.”

She also used the occasion to have an “On the Yard” conversation with Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II and young Black voters.

Lizzo has been out front in her support of the Biden-Harris ticket. She was also on the Michigan campaign trail last week, speaking at Focus: HOPE telling the crowd of 50 volunteers that she’s been grounded since COVID-19 hit the nation earlier this year, according to CBS News. However, she got on a plane to return home to lend her voice to Biden’s bid to unseat Trump as president.

“But when I heard about all you guys are doing out here in Detroit, working so hard, getting on a plane was the least I could do to say thank you in person,” she said, adding, “Michigan is going to be so crucial, and how Michigan votes is going to be so crucial between trying to make America great again or finally bringing America together.”

Lizzo criticized Trump’s administration for trying to take America back to pre-Civil Rights Movement days, and praised students for their commitment to save “democracy” by voting in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.