Four labor and delivery nurses from an Atlanta hospital are under fire for filming a controversial TikTok video in which they shared their grievances about expecting mothers and their families.

Dressed up from head to toe in their medical scrubs, the video captures all four nurses sharing their complaints, or “icks” about their maternity patients.

“My ick is when you come in for your induction, talking about, ‘Can I take a shower and eat?’” one nurse says in the viral video. “My ick is when you ask me how much the baby weighs and it’s still in your hands,” a second nurse admits.

According to NBC News, all four medical staffers are employees of Emory University Hospital Midtown. They were participating in the popular “ick” trend that has been exploding across TikTok, where users share what bothers them about a person or situation. Initially, people were using the fad to describe why they stopped dating their significant other, but the trend has since evolved.

Further along in the video, another nurse says that her “ick” is when a mother says she doesn’t want pain medication “but you are at an eight out of 10 pain,” while another staffer complains about family members coming up to the nurse’s station “every five minutes” to check in on their loved one.

Social media slams nurses filmed in the TikTok video

Online, social media users slammed all four medical staffers for their unprofessionalism and lack of empathy.

“My ick is when people work in healthcare and don’t have compassion for people,” One TikTok user commented. On Instagram, another person wrote: “Imagine making a career of caregiving when you have so little empathy to give.”

Emory Healthcare releases statement

After the video went viral, Emory Healthcare released a statement noting that they were aware of the “disrespectful and unprofessional comments,” shared in the TikTok post. “We have investigated the situation and taken appropriate actions with the former employees responsible for the video.”

The company added, “This video does not represent our commitment to patient-family-centered care.”