Samantha Martinez was arrested after she staged her own abduction in a plot to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

The wild ride began last Saturday when Jonathan Johnson, her boyfriend, came to police and said that he had not seen Martinez in four days. What’s more, he had received a text from a person identified only as ‘Skeet’ who demanded $300 for her safe return and also claimed that the abduction was the result of a drug deal gone south.

A police report said that, in the message, Skeet claimed he was “going to keep her captive and do physical harm to her unless [Johnson] paid the money he owed.”


Johnson, who was homeless, did not have the money and became even more distressed as he kept receiving voice mail messages from Martinez in which she sounded terrified.

Then, on Tuesday, she reappeared, claiming that she had been raped. But when officials questioned her at the hospital, they found several holes in her story, and eventually, she admitted that she had faked her kidnapping story to get revenge on Johnson.

Officer Christopher Bess said that she confessed halfway through her story and admitted that she had been upset with Johnson for cheating, so she went to a friend’s place and slept with him. But she realized her plan to scare her boyfriend had gone out of control when she saw her face on the news as police were searching everywhere for her.

She has since been arrested for her false story.

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