Message from Aswad Walker, Defender Associate Editor
Tiffany Cross, host of MSNBC's The Cross Connection interviews Anthony Scaramucci.


Super Bowl Sign Language Guy Warren Snipe. Photo courtesy NFL YouTube.

Apparently, the first week of February is now officially Drama Queen Week, because these divas have been in these streets full force. And no, I’m not talking about Gorilla Glue Girl (Tessica Brown) or Super Bowl Sign Language Guy (Warren Snipe), whose performance, by the way, was far better than the game itself. I’m referring to the parade of crocodile tear-shedding “alpha” males serving as poster children for white male fragility.

“Gorilla Glue Girl,” aka Tessica Brown.

GOP-voting West Virginia Senator, Democrat Joe Manchin went into full adolescent temper tantrum mode when U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris had the “audacity” to address West Virginians about COVID concerns without first getting Manchin’s “permission.” Yes, you read that right. Not to be outdone, Anthony Scaramucci, one-time official mouthpiece of former reality TV star Donald Trump, had the nerve to catch an attitude when MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross dared question his attempts to distance himself from his “Team Trump” past.

Vice President Kamala Harris, in a Nov. 24, 2020 file photo two months before her Jan. 20, 2021 inauguration. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

But Manchin and the “Mooch” took a backseat to Republican lawmakers during 45’s second impeachment trial. As they were outed for supporting Trump’s insurrection call, these drama queens cried that they’re the most persecuted demographic in American history. Mm-hm.


Other emerging dramas, however, are worth watching, with Judas and the Black Messiah, Lupin, and One Night in Miami being just a few of the movies and shows showcasing Black excellence.

But the real drama isn’t on screens big or small, but rather daily life. Case in point: the battle for a $15/hour minimum wage. One side contends, such a “raise” will reduce the number of Americans living in poverty and put money in people’s pockets to help boost the economy. The other side argues a $15/hour minimum wage will put many small businesses out of business. That drama deserves our attention.

Moreover, we’re waiting with bated breath to see if efforts led by NAACP Houston, Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Congressman Al Green to have the state replace offensive names like Baytown’s Negrohead Lake bring forth those changes and more.

Then, there’s news that TSU alumna and longtime HPD officer, Assistance Chief Sheryl Victorian, will become Waco’s first Black and first female police chief. Black women doing their thing—that’s the kind of drama we’re here for.

Aswad Walker