Visitors of Houston's Hermann Park enjoy the snow, though the winter blast left two million Houstonians without power. Photo by Mark Felix, Texas Tribune.


We thought we were going to make it through this entire winter without any real winter. We were wrong. Big time. The record cold that hit us between the eyes, and in every other part of our bodies, literally brought our city to its knees.

Siblings Amari, Maisha and Anana Walker take a break from enjoying the rare Houston snow for a photo op. Photo by Aswad Walker.

But challenging weather is nothing new for us, and nothing for us to be mad about. However, we have every right to be pissed at the fact that millions of us were without power for multiple days. That is simply unacceptable.

If we didn’t know who The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) was before, we know them know. They are the ones responsible for allowing our access to electricity to disappear with inside heat.

Adrianne Walker (r) and son Amari seek to keep warm during day two of four without power.

But they aren’t alone. As Dr. Abdul Muhammad (Minister Robert Muhammad) stated in a letter to Texas’ lawmakers, from Governor Greg Abbott on down, “We must invest in energy grid infrastructure.” He added, “The same incentives we hold out for the Teslas, we should offer to those who would build Texas a 22nd-century power grid.” To that I say, “Preach hard Brother minister.”


Speaking of divine messages, we received one this past week. If it wasn’t made plain to us before, during our 400-plus years in this nation, the US Senate vote on Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial should have made it crystal clear. Those in this nation peddling in and promoting white supremacy, are playing the real Race Card.

For too long, we have allowed false prophets to convince us that we were wrong for pointing out racism, institutional, personal, and otherwise. We were charged with “Playing the Race Card,” i.e. charging racism where none existed.

In this combination of photos, demonstrators, left, protest June 4, 2020, in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, over the death of George Floyd and on Jan. 6, 2021, supporters of President Donald Trump rally at same location. (AP Photos)

But the real culprits, police who continue to kill unarmed Black people and get off scot free; lawmakers from state to state who suppress votes under the cover of “election integrity;” and former Reality TV stars and their lapdogs who attempt to overthrown a democratically elected US government because they believe neither Black Votes nor Black Lives matter—these are the real card sharks dealing daily in racism and white supremacy.

But just like this cold front, they won’t be running things for long. The rising Black pride and consciousness seen in the explosion of Black entrepreneurs, scientific geniuses and social gamechangers will bring a spring and summer breeze that will thaw out justice, so that real freedom and self-determination can ring for us, and for all.