Can we just bask in this magnificent crown???

With all the gloom in the world, I had to start out my message with an Angela Davis-Pam Grier-Jackson 5 salute to Aevin Dugas. This baaaaadddd Louisiana sista currently holds the Guinness record for the largest afro on a living female. Dugas first earned the title in 2010. Back then, her afro measured 4 feet, 4 inches in circumference. Now, 13 years later, her beautiful head of hair has grown to a stunning 9.84 inches tall, 10.4 inches wide and 5.41 feet in circumference. The 47-year-old says she’s been growing her fro for 24 years, a journey which started with a desire to stop using chemical straighteners and rock her natural hair. While her hair is certainly a showstopper, Dugas says it takes a lot of work to maintain, including frequent trims and conditioning treatments. My fro would be so lopsided …. Well done, my sista, well done.

Angel did not come to play

Angel Reese of the LSU Tigers is on track to becoming the highest-paid women’s college basketball player. After her recent NCAA championship win, the young athlete has seen her social media followers across all platforms reach 2 million. According to ON3, her NIL (name, image and likeness) valuation is now $1.3 million, up from $370,000 before the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

Reese has reportedly landed a slew of NIL appearances with several brands and companies such as Calvin Klein, Bose, Coach, Raising Cane’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Leaf Trading Cards, Bleacher Report and the artificial intelligence company Caktus AI. Outback Steakhouse reportedly signed Reese and her brother Julian, who plays for the Maryland Terrapins, in February 2022. Reese has grown in popularity since mocking Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark using the John Cena “You Can’t See Me” hand gesture in the 2023 NCAA Tournament. We are loving Reese’s feisty, “Take me or leave me” demeanor and major props to her securing the bag. And the cherry on top? Reese is quick to say “All money isn’t good money,” and she is super selective about who she partners with.

Dominion’s very good day

By now, you’ve probably heard about Dominion Voting Systems suing FOX News for defamation – and winning. Dominion, a small, privately held company didn’t just win, they WON! But if you read social media, lots of folks seem to think Dominion lost in this deal.

I’m sorry, I know I’m not the best at math, but isn’t their $787 million payout like 3/4 of a BILLION dollars???? If that ain’t winning, let me lose. Yeah, I know, folks are up in arms because they should’ve gone to court to make FOX publicly have to apologize for spreading fake news. Well, it wasn’t written that a jury would side with Dominion and give them the billions they were asking. And a bird in the hand was worth more than spinning that wheel with a jury where it would only take one MAGA person to make sure that Dominion got nothing.

Yes, FOX is loaded, but trust, they are not just doling out nearly a billion dollars all willy nilly. But make no mistake…Dominion didn’t lose. They get that money now. IF a jury had awarded them money, it would have been tied up in court forever. And for a company valued at $80 million, I’d take ten times my value any day of the week.

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