ReShonda Tate, Managing Editor

Houston, we have a problem

Have you seen the video of the shootout at the OK Corral, also known as the Galleria? The viral video, which has racked up more than three million views, shows six seconds of a man firing a handgun — equipped with what appears to be an extended magazine — outside the Galleria. The short, blurry clip shows people running, yelling and scrambling to get away from the gunfire. Police think the video may be connected to a shooting over the weekend in which a man was shot in the leg and critically wounded, though they’ve yet to confirm that.  

I know shootings can happen anywhere, but criminals no longer care about geographical boundaries. The high-end mall has seen its share of crime recently. And though the venue is packed with security cameras, inside the mall and out in the parking lots and garages…criminals don’t seem to care. And that’s a sad testament. You can see the video online on our social media pages. And speaking of online….I think that’s where I’ll be doing my shopping from now on.

High school-to-college amid COVID: UH freshmen share their experiences
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COVID is still here, y’all

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but the Coronavirus is still here. Yes, it’s not killing as many people. Yes, we have to learn to live our lives regardless, but, It’s. Still. Here. Though you wouldn’t know it by some of these recent actions. 

A Florida judge – a Trump appointee, surprise, surprise – recently struck down the federal mask mandate recently.  Airline pilots made announcements, passengers cheered and promptly took off their masks as if wearing them had been some overly oppressive measure. All this as the country is dealing with a more transmissible COVID variant, and nearing a million COVID deaths with no money for testing and treatment for the uninsured. 

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle who, by the way, the American Bar Association deemed unqualified for her role due to her lack of experience, said, “Wearing a mask means nothing.” My sister-in-law, cousins, friends, and neighbors, who all died from COVID would beg to differ.

American, we’re on our own, now. We seem destined to repeat the same mistakes in the third year of the pandemic – costing us more money and disabling many more people that didn’t have to be. To move into a world where COVID can be manageable, we have to acknowledge that we haven’t done everything to make this one better for everyone – that’s on a personal and government institution level.

I just don’t understand these mask-haters….the same mask-haters who want to tell me what to do with my body. Make it make sense. Never mind. It doesn’t. 

Florida….just sigh….

Florida stays in the news. Now, the Florida Department of Education has rejected more than 50 math textbooks from the curriculum for the next school year due to – wait for it,  critical race theory (CRT).

The department said that 54 out of 132 textbook submissions would be rejected. Critical race theory aims to look at how racism has molded every part of American society such as public policy and institutions such as the justice system. For math? Really, Florida??? Man, Conservatives are gonna ride that CRT til the wheels fall off.  

Lizzo is unbothered by her booty

Did you see the controversial photo of Lizzo boarding her private plane? Why is it generating buzz? Because Lizzo was doing what Lizzo does – letting it all hang out. The singer was recently photographed boarding a private plane with her bare cheeks showing. After a tweet went viral questioning why the singer should be “allowed” to sport revealing clothing on an airport, a tired debate was sparked once again over what women with body types like Lizzo’s should be able to wear.

Instead of joining in on the discussion, Lizzo simply used the controversy as a smooth way of promoting her newly-launched clothing line, Yitty. The discussion on social media centered around whether it have been an issue if it was Rihanna or Megan with their goodies hanging out. While the world continues to debate, Lizzo does another thing she does best – remain unbothered.

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