Represent Brotherman: Message from the Associate Editor Aswad Walker
Donald Williams III

Represent Brotherman

Thus far, my favorite part of the Derek Chauvin trial (because, remember, George Floyd is NOT on trial) has been the testimony of MMA fighter and witness to the Floyd murder, Donald Williams III. This expert witness described the Chauvin knee in Floyd’s neck as a “blood choke.” More specifically, Williams said of Chauvin, “The officer on top was shimmying to actually get the final choke… the kill choke.” And they wonder why we march. And kneel.

Aswad Walker

But the highlight of Williams’ testimony came when Chauvin’s attorney asked Williams, if he called Chauvin, while in the act of kill-choking Floyd, a “f**king bum” and “pu**y-ass bi*ch,” and Williams replied, “I said what I said.” Say THAT brotherman! Understand, I’m trying to find moments of joy out of this tragic trial, because history tells us there may be zero joy for justice seekers when the verdict is rendered.

Speaking of Judgment

Every sanctified soul and “they” deaconess mama are losing “they” minds over Lil Naz X’s latest video, “Montero.” Full disclosure, I find it disturbing on many levels. My solution? Not to watch it. However, the soul-stirringly self-righteous out there are taking a different approach, calling for the singer to be crucified. However, what’s more disturbing to me than homeboy’s video dance with the devil is the fact that folk shouting loudest over this “holy injustice” haven’t said a word about the satanic way police kill unarmed Black people; the devilish 253 voter suppression bills set to become law in 43 states; or the hellacious mistreatment of Black women, children, families, farmers, elders, etc. In the words of the late, great Max Edison, they need to “go sit down.”

Houston players celebrate after beating Rutgers in a college basketball game in the second round of the NCAA tournament at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Sunday, March 21, 2021. Houston won 63-60. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

UH in the Final Four

Let’s hear it for the UH Cougars men’s basketball team making it to the Final Four for the first time since 1984! And sure, they may not come with the high-flying, death-defying, rim-rattling aerial antics of the legendary Phi Slama Jama, but they get the job done with crazy defense, an attacking offense and Muhammad Ali-esque heart. And while we’re celebrating the Coogs, let’s not forget those other Texas schools who did us proud in the men’s and women’s NCAA tournament: the Elite 8 UT women’s squad, and the men’s teams of UT, Abilene Christian, Baylor and TSU. Shout out to Marcus Davis for providing those Tigers with a celebratory meal at the breakfast klub to honor their journey.

Aswad Walker

I'm originally from Cincinnati. I'm a husband and father to six children. I'm an associate pastor for the Shrine of Black Madonna (Houston). I am a lecturer (adjunct professor) in the University of Houston...