What Buffalo and Uvalde teach us, we really already know
Buffalo, NY. AP Photo by Matt Rourke. Uvalde, TX. AP Photo by Jae C. Hong.

The Republican Party’s responses to the senseless and tragic mass murders of Black and Brown people in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX were as telling as they were predictable: offering thoughts and prayers, deflecting and focusing on mental illness rather than white domestic terrorism or gun violence, and somehow making it all about the “evil liberals” “politicizing” these murders. 

GOP members are all about being obedient “hoes” to their pimps, the NRA, and selling their “stuff” on them streets to whatever media reporter is willing to lay with them and catch this Republican strain of venereal disease which has reporters standing silent and refusing to push back against the GOP fake screams of passion… “Ooh! Liberal calls for gun control are not the answer. Ahh! It doesn’t work” (they say, even though it hasn’t really been tried—and where it has been tried, it has actually worked). 

That GOP members have sold their souls has long been established fact. So much so, they’ve been given free rein to spew their nonsense with zero repercussions. 

Which leads me to the real issue. 

Where is OUR nerve and resolve to challenge their sinful ways? Where is our righteous indignation to call them to account and take actions to create a world where all people are respected and protected? 

See, we can rail all day about the hypocrisy the GOP wears like a favorite pair of draws they refuse to change, when they claim to be the party of family values, yet they 1) throw children in cages, 2) strip women of their agency (control) over their own bodies and 3) do zero to protect children from gun violence. 

We can tweet and Instagram or Facebook post till the cows come home about the galactic-sized nerve they have to claim they are the party of God-fearin’ Christians, while at the same time, refusing shelter for the immigrant, demonizing the poor, ignoring the sick, turning their backs on the widow and engaging in every other action that is the exact opposite of what Jesus (the Black Messiah, by the way) called for his followers to do. Yet. They march on with their ungodly, satanic actions and are still allowed to wax poetic in their holier-than-thou, “the white man’s got a God complex,” manner. But what are WE going to do? 

That the GOP did zero and will do even less moving forward to stop the next tragedy of a mass murder of Black and Latinx seniors, young adults, teens and babies, is neither opinion nor conjecture, but fact. But what has yet to be determined, is what we’re going to do about it. 

For too long, we’ve operated as if in a past reality where Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives could argue and debate and agree to disagree, while accepting the fact that folk who held different opinions, still came together in agreement on wanting the best for the nation. But since 2008, the debate has shifted from being between Left vs. Right to what it is now—Good vs. Evil. 

A party that celebrates George Zimmerman yet demonizes Trayvon Martin (Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, etc.), is not a party of law and order, but lawlessness that favors white supremacists. 

A party that uplifts white nationalists, whether in Charlottesville or those storming the Capitol Building to overthrow a democratic election, is not a party of patriots, but of traitors. 

A party that bends over to accept whatever the NRA gives them, yet gets madder at Beto O’Rourke for calling out GOP non-action on gun reform than they did at the mass murderers of Uvalde children, Buffalo grocery shoppers or St. Emanuel worshippers, is not a party of truth, justice or equality, but a mob of soulless maniacs. 

A party that idolizes members willing to kidnap a state governor (Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen Whitmer) who they disagree with politically, while worshiping politicians who label Democrats and Liberals as enemies who need to be killed, is not a party that can be negotiated with. 

And it’s not like the evidence hasn’t been in our face the whole time. We’re hoping and praying they’ll “come to their senses” and enact gun reform because a bunch of Latinx children were senselessly murdered, or because a bunch of minding-their-own-dayum-business Black grocery shoppers were mowed down by a right-wing acolyte. Have we forgotten that at Columbine and Sandy Hook and a gazillion other places, it was 90-some-odd percent white children who were killed, and these NRA jock-riding GOP members did nothing? If they give less than a care about their own children, you know without a doubt they ain’t studdin’ our misery, not one bit. 

The real lesson the Buffalo and Uvalde tragedies teach us is not the insidiousness of today’s Republican Party (although that is one big takeaway). The main lesson is, we have been slapped in the face once again with the cold, hard truth that modern-day conservatives have made the decision to bed with pure evil. And whatever actions we take, whether it’s voting like our lives depend upon it; economically boycotting businesses that fund white supremacy while directing our dollars to Black and Latinx-friendly entrepreneurs; homeschooling our kids to make sure they learn “Our Story” (or demanding it be taught in area ISDs come what may); we have to do so knowing that we are literally in a battle between good versus evil. That’s the lesson… that we really already knew. Now, how are we going to apply it?