As of Thursday, Aug. 20, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission will post to its website data reflecting COVID-19 cases in children and employees at licensed child care centers, school-age programs, and before or after-school programs.

“We’re pleased to provide this data so parents and guardians will be informed when making important decisions about their children’s care,” said David Kostroun, HHSC deputy executive commissioner for Regulatory Services Division. “We appreciate the Attorney General’s recent guidance that allows us to provide this additional data as permissible by law.”

HHSC is releasing self-reported COVID-19 case count data on regulated, licensed child centers, which provide care and supervision to seven or more children ages 13 or younger at a location other than the caregiver’s home. The agency is also releasing data on school-age programs and before or after-school programs that provide supervision and care to pre-kindergarten through sixth grade students before and/or after the school day.

The data will be updated on the HHSC website daily on weekdays, no later than 3 p.m. CT. All data is self-reported, provisional, subject to change and will reflect cases as of the previous business day. Aggregate-only data will be posted for small, home-based child care operations.

Data can be found here.

Regulated child care operations must follow minimum standards and the emergency rules issued by HHSC. HHSC investigates any allegations that an operation is not complying with these requirements. This includes a requirement to report confirmed positive cases to HHSC as well as to local health authorities.

For more information about a child care operation, including total capacity and compliance history, visit Texas residents also can dial 2-1-1 to learn about programs and services.