Who is Haley Poinsette?

Age: 28

Occupation: General Manager & Owner of UFITT Fitness

Education: University of Houston-Main Campus

Major: Kinesiology

Motto: “Be Unique!”

Unknown facts: “I grew up doing gymnastics and founded the University of Houston Club Gymnastics team in college which is still up and running today! I also once tried out for a movie called “Stick It” when I was traveling in Colorado after a gymnastics competition.”

Fitness start: “Community! I love people, I love helping people, and training gave me an outlet that was my two passions combined. I’ve always loved being active and think that it is a cornerstone to a healthy life. So being able to motivate others while also coaching them through life was my main reason for getting into fitness. It is an amazing outlet for growth!”

Fitness advice: “If you are not sure about what you are doing, then ask! There is a lot of research, videos, trainers, and more to help someone on their journey. Just slow down, take it slow, and make sure you are doing it right for you and your goals!”

Top 3 fitness tips:

  1. Do your cardio and break it up if you need too
  2. Drink water, and dont stop
  3. Make sure your form is correct. Film yourself if you need to

Social Media:

IG/ : @UniquelyFitt

Nutrition: Eat the rainbow.

“For breakfast, I usually do smoothies or eggs and will change up the extra sides. I do think that it’s important to make breakfast your biggest meal so I always add whatever I am feeling that day to the mix. I meal prep my lunches and have been loving my air fryer recently, so you will find me eating potatoes, Salmon, or pasta. Veggies, rice, and beans are always an option. Dinner includes things like ground turkey and steak! “

My advice to those who have a goal to better their daily nutrition is two things:

1) Eat in moderation

2) Eat the rainbow (not all carbs, not all veggies, not all protein but a mix of everything).

Physical: Move your body 3x/week for at least 30 mins!

“Most effective (fitness activities), Cardio, and Heavy lifting!”

“The biggest mistakes are usually not understanding form and effectiveness- If the form isn’t right, you could be working a muscle that you don’t even want to be. That’s a big deal.”

“I try not to hold myself to the “numbers”, but 18% Body Fat! After that, I hold myself to working out and heavy lifting 3x/week and doing cardio 3x/week.”

“My suggestion for someone just starting out, move your body 3x/week for at least 30 mins!”

Mental: I am motivated daily to make sure that I am the best version of myself.

What Motivates You?

“Filling my cup so I can love others well! I am motivated daily to make sure that I am the best version of myself so that the way I handle interactions with others with kindness and love. I always want each person I come in contact with to feel like they belong! I also want people to learn how to be more self-aware, so having hard conversations or allowing clients, friends, family, and really anyone to have the space to do so- that fuels me to continue to do that for myself as well.”

“The planner in me would say ‘time blocking’. I am really big on prioritizing my life so that I can be the best version of myself. That means making sure that my prayer time, fitness time, and work time are in my schedule and I do not move them around unless it’s an emergency. I then will work on my hobbies, self-care, friends, and family. I would also say that I try my best to plan things out a week or two in advance when it comes to the second layer of priorities! My planner and google calendar are my best friend!”

Spiritual: I pray, meditate, and journal.

“I love to start most of my mornings with some praise and worship blasting through the house. During the day, I may watch a sermon during lunch from Transformation Church, and in the evenings and I pray, meditate, and journal.”

I was born into the business, and have been exposed to the dynamic effect the Defender has had on the Houston Black community since I was a little boy. I received my BA in Finance from Morehouse College...