Cy Falls QB: T.J. Goodwin a natural born leader

Cypress Falls High School quarterback T.J. Goodwin, a University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) commit, is a 6-foot-6 pro style field general who is a leader among men on the gridiron.

Goodwin helped the Eagles early in the season before being sidelined by an injury for the final four weeks. Cy Falls managed to maintain their playoff spot throughout the end of the season. Goodwin returned from injury leading his team past the first round, defeating Westside before taking an “L” in the second round to Katy Thompkins.

Cy Falls head coach Chris Brister is impressed by Goodwin’s competitiveness and skills.

“He is one of the most competitive individuals I have ever been around and his will to win is second to none,” Brister said. “He has battled back from an injury and has been able to contribute and start again in practice and the playoffs. He has some physical skills that are hard to beat and he’s a leader.”

The Defender spoke with the quarterback about his style of play, overcoming of a mid-season injury and reason for committing to UTEP.

Defender: How would you describe your style as quarterback?

Goodwin:I would say that I am a pro style but people like to call me a mobile pro style because I can move around a little bit. But I like to sit in the pocket and really throw.

Defender: Why do you love the game of football?

Goodwin:It’s just being able to go out there and play with my best friends, and we all have to be on the same page to win. It’s not like basketball where you have five guys. It has to be 22 guys on every side of the ball for us to come out with a victory.

Defender: How were you able to overcome the mid-season injury and bounce back?

Goodwin:With my teammates around me just really staying positive. They knew I was going to come back and I knew I had to work to come back. The team really picked it up at the end of the season when I wasn’t there, which made it really easier on me to know that I could take my time and didn’t have to rush to be back for the playoffs.

Defender:  What inspired your decision to commit to UTEP?

Goodwin:The coaches showed genuine love and knew that I have what it takes to push them over the edge, so I really liked that. They also gave me the idea that I could come in and try to play, compete for a spot and play early.

About Goodwin

Classification: Senior

Twitter: TjGoodWin_

Favorite subject: Culinary

Dream job after football: Mechanical engineer

Favorite food: Likes everything

NFL players he likes to watch: Quarterbacks Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers