It’s the political season and everybody has an opinion on who they think should occupy the White House. LeBron James, the reigning King of the NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers has decided to place his endorsement with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and he’s not bashful about his reasoning.

James emphasized that Clinton’s message of community outreach, emphasizing education, while openly acknowledging the necessity of building strong race relations, were important keys that appealed to him.

In addition, King James acknowledged that his growing relationship with President Obama over his two terms in office have helped shape his opinion on Clinton. He concurs with the President that former Ambassador Clinton is the only candidate that will “build on the legacy” established by President Obama.

“We’ve become really good friends and from Day 1, I just always liked his vision, especially from a community standpoint,” James said recently. “I believe Hillary can continue that legacy that Barack has done for the last eight years. You guys know how important my community service is, especially in my hometown. That’s a main point for me.

“For me, the main thing is going back into the communities and giving our world a better future,” LeBron continued. “Our kids are our future and I believe Barack started it and I believe Hillary is going to continue it. So, I’m all about communities. It starts from the ground up and if we can continue to give back to communities and do the things we need to do to help these kids understand that they’re our future and know that they got a helping hand, it makes this world a better place.”

This is not LeBron’s first foray into presidential politics. In 2008 he and Jay Z hosted a free concert in support for President Obama. He also teamed with Russell Simmons for a voter registration drive the same year. He’s also been a champion off the court in his native Akron, providing full 4 year scholarships to 1100 students to attend the University of Akron.

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