Radio legend Tom Joyner, the Fly Jock, has announced that he is retiring.

On Tuesday, the DJ announced that he had signed a two-year contract to continue working on his “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” but that contract would be his last.

“I’m putting in my two-year notice,” Joyner said in a statement on his Fly Jock Blog on

“At the end of 2019, will be the end of the ‘Tom Joyner Morning Show.’ I’m retiring, and for the next two years, we’re going to reminisce, go down Memory Lane and talk about all the things that we’ve done for the past 25 years,” he added.

Joyner earned the name “Fly Jock” after he collected more than 7 million frequent flyer miles flying back and forth between Dallas and Chicago to host two different radio shows every day for eight years.

While Joyner is retiring from radio, that doesn’t mean he will be retiring from activism, where he continues to help with voter registration drives and fundraising for HBCUs.

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