Fall is the perfect time to make room in your pantry for some really good tea. Not only does the stuff fill your home with the best aromas of fall, like earthy berries and winter mints, but it’s the perfect calming treat to help wind down the day.

It can also be the perfect drink to kickstart your morning. Something about the slow, methodic process of stewing tea, holding the mug in your hand and taking small sips as it cools is very meditative.

Any type of tea can get you these benefits, but on top of that, each one has its very own health perks. So swap out your iced tea for a hot one; here are 15 healthy teas you should be drinking this fall.


Ginseng is something of a cure-all tea. It’s been shown to reduce symptoms of mental distress, as well as sexual dysfunction and even asthma. But women especially will love that it minimizes PMS symptoms.


Green tea is a classic choice. It’s mild flavor goes well with most meals, but it also has been proven to reduce one’s chances of heart disease. It also has specific antioxidants that can prevent cancer.


Pu-erh tea may not have as many antioxidants as its cousin Green tea, but, the Chinese swear by it for weight loss and the lowering of bad cholesterol.


This radiant red tea can reduce blood pressure levels in those whose levels are too high. What’s more is that this tea can help treat liver disease. Some people report that the tea helps them sleep better, too.


White tea is a very special tea. The American Cancer Society has stated that drinking it can reduce the chances of breast cancer coming back in survivors. Like green tea, it’s also good for your heart.


Ginkgo biloba tea comes from possibly one of the oldest tree varieties on the planet. It’s been shown to promote better circulation, minimize headaches, and even fight depression. It can also prevent hearing disorders like tinnitus.


If you’re not big on capsules and supplements, you can get your echinacea in tea form. This stuff seriously boosts your immune system and is essential around flu season.


This South African herbal tea is called the “Tao of Tea” for a reason. It can help treat eczema, eliminate headaches, strengthen bones and even fight signs of aging.

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