Your dream job may be a stone’s throw away. Perhaps you’re living the dream right now. No matter the case, chances are you never thought your dream job could turn into a nightmare. Not after all the hard, tedious work you’ve put in. The years you spent toiling away, sacrificing, proving your drive and passion. So what do you do now? How do you move past the roadblock and on to new, exciting, and once again dreamy ventures? Well, if you’re able to identify the causes behind this sudden and unforeseen work challenge, the answers will certainly come. Here are nine signs that your dream job is becoming a nightmare.


A dream job can quickly turn into a nightmare if you have a horrible boss, the kind that makes work unbearable. Perhaps your boss is condescending, demeaning or even conniving. None of those traits make for a happy employee.


Sometimes your job functions change, and that’s understandable. But when they change so much that you hardly recognize your job and you’re performing functions that are not in your comfort zone or that take away from the things you actually like doing, then it might be time to be on the hunt for a new job.


Maybe you’ve been asked to take on more work, sans promotion. And not simply little things here and there, but full-on tasks that require lots of time, lots of energy and lots of brain power. But you’re still being paid the same amount of money despite the additional work. Not so dreamy of a job anymore, eh?


Depending on your job and industry, your pay may be delayed by your employer. If this happens consistently, it can wreak havoc on your day-to-day life and make things like paying bills or buying groceries unnecessarily challenging. This can certainly affect your attitude towards the job.


You used to love your job — that is until you practically ended up living at work. If you eat, breathe and sleep work and no longer have time to do even the simplest of things for yourself, your love will vanish with a quickness.


This piggy backs off of the horrible boss. A supervisor or even fellow employee is also capable of doling out and making unrealistic demands, which can be a recipe for disaster.


You’re not expecting to hear the words “Thank you” every five minutes, but if your hard work is ignored and you’re made to feel like a workhorse instead of a valuable human being of an employee, that’s a serious problem.


Low morale, poor leadership, harassment. A host of factors can contribute to a toxic work environment and make you want to run for the hills.


Workplace loneliness exists. And if you’re being purposely excluded for reasons unbeknownst to you, that loneliness can be even worse.

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