Studio portrait of shirtless woman with braided hair and body lotion on shoulder
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The days are getting longer and the sun is glowing. I guess that is a regular day when you live in Texas, right? Summer time is coming and it’s time to get your body in preparation mode. In this case, the main focus is on skin health.

The summer weather takes a toll on the skin. Pollution in the air, scorching heat, humidity, and other environmental aggressors tend to damage your skin over time and could end up leaving it looking dull, lackluster and wrinkled.

Skin protects your body in many ways.

“The skin provides a barrier to protect the body from invasion by bacteria and other possible environmental hazards that can be dangerous for human health,” said Heidi Kong, M.D., a dermatologist with the National Institutes of Health in an interview with Black Health Matters.

A proper skin routine is necessary. With the right tweaks and consistency, you will be on your way to healthy, glowing skin.

Here are some tips for stunning summer skin provided by BHM that you should start today.

  • Wash up. Bathe in warm—not hot—water; use mild cleansers that don’t irritate and wash gently—don’t scrub.
  • Block sun damage. Avoid intense sun exposure, use sunscreen and wear protective clothing.
  • Don’t use tanning beds or sunlamps. They emit the same harmful UV radiation as the sun.
  • Avoid dry skin. Drink plenty of water, and use gentle moisturizers, lotions or creams.
  • Reduce stress. Stress can harm your skin and other body systems.
  • Get enough sleep. Experts recommend about nine hours a night for teens and seven to eight hours for adults.
  • Speak up. Talk to your doctor if you notice any odd changes to your skin, like a rash or mole that changes size or color.

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