If you work at a very generous company then you can take unlimited sick days—they would rather pay you for a few extra absences then have you come in, get the entire office sick, and cause their company to shut down for a week. Most companies, however, give you a few sick days and maybe some work-from-home days if you can’t get better quick. But it’s not exactly pleasant to fill out a spreadsheet with a 103 fever, nausea and the chills. If the limited number of sick days allotted to you aren’t nearly enough to cover the unfair amount of colds and flus you get every year, then you may need to make a few life changes. Here is why you get sick more than everybody you know and what you can do about it.

Your diet is boring and limited

So you found the three vegetables you can tolerate and you eat them every single day. We’d like to give you props, but in order to get all the nutrients your body needs to keep a healthy immune system, you need to eat a variety of foods.

Mix things up

Your body requires a precise, complicated and expansive profile of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. You can’t possibly get those from eating just spinach, chicken and brown rice every day. If ever you needed a reason to expand your palate and learn to cook, this is it.

You don’t exercise

If you’re staying inside and on your couch to avoid the cold weather, you may be better off bundling up and going for a jog. Regular exercise can improve your immune system and remaining stagnant can drain it.

Take 20 minutes and save yourself a week

If you’re having a tough time motivating yourself to exercise, look at it this way; you can save twenty minutes by not going for a power walk now, but it could cost you a week in bed later.

You get your caffeine from coffee

It’s not that coffee is necessarily bad for you but it isn’t good for your immune system the way green tea is. Some studies suggest that regularly drinking green tea could boost your levels of regulatory T cells, which boost your immune system.

Tea doesn’t have to be boring

If you just don’t like hot green tea, you don’t have to drink it. You can have green iced tea, green tea smoothies, creamy matcha shakes, and you can even add green tea extract to your water or blended drinks.

You don’t take a probiotic

Many people associate probiotics with gut health (i.e. healthier digestion, regular bowel movements, less gas etc.) But probiotics are also associated with a healthier immune system.

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