Millennials stand in shock and can’t believe their eyes.
Credit: Adobe Stock Images

Hey Baby Boomers.

Do you feel like you’re lost in the sauce when it comes to keeping up with Gen Zers these days?

Does it drive you crazy when their lingo sounds like cryptic coding that you can’t seem to break?

Don’t feel bad. I’m sure, back in the day, your parents looked at your generation and started scratching their heads too.

As time and technology progresses, so does our way of communicating and how we interact. So, take out your pen and paper and write these terms down. You’re going to need them when filtering conversations on the internet or in-person.


A “simp” is a derogatory word used to describe someone who is way too invested in someone they truly like with nothing to gain. Now you are probably wondering why that would be a bad thing? I don’t know either, but examples of “simps” are Russell Wilson and Prince Harry. Hey, if we want to take it back, the TV character Steve Urkel from “Family Matters” is a good example. These are men who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make their women feel like queens, but to the detriment of men (and women, too) who have deep insecurities about their thoughts around relationships.

No cap

Boomers might think this means that the top to a soda bottle is missing or refusing a final drink at the end of the night after a party, but the phrase actually is used to emphasize when someone is telling the truth when something sounds hard to believe.

I’m dead

It might sound rather harsh but Gen-Zers use this saying whenever they hear something hilarious. It’s the great-great grandchild of the phrase “dying of laughter.”


“Stan” means being highly supportive of something or someone. For example, “I stan the Tennessee Three.” A better word would be “obsessed.” This term came from the song of the same name by Eminem. Listen to the song and watch the video and the term will make more sense.

Sending me

This phrase is another way of saying “I literally can’t.” It’s a phrase used to express extreme amusement or when someone finds something hilarious.


This term isn’t what you think it means. We don’t condone any kind of violence here (LOL, i.e. “laugh out loud.”) “Slaps” is another way to say something is really good or impressive.


Boomers, this term isn’t the one you all use at the casino or the race track. This term is used when you’re in agreement with something, similar too “Okay” or “Alright.”


Do you know that feeling of sitting at your favorite restaurant and you’re slowly enjoying the taste of your favorite dish? “Bussin’” is used to described something that is good, and its usually said when describing food.

Rent free

Y’all Boomers know you love an empty nest, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Rent free in this context means to be constantly thinking about something, especially when you are upset, and the thought keeps replaying over again in your head.


Basically, this means mediocre, average, subpar, low quality. It’s a term you can use to throw shade at someone.