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It’s that time of year again!!! We are counting down until the New Year and as usual, this is when people prepare to list out their New Year resolutions.

These promises are fun and motivational when you first start the journey, but two or three months in, the excitement starts wear out and reality hits. But don’t worry, if this sounds like you, then you are not alone.

Here are the top 5 common resolutions.

Lose Weight, Stay in Shape

This is the most common resolution of them all. Health is wealth, but remaining consistent does become a challenge. If you are struggling and need motivation, seek out a workout group or a friend to train with you.

Travel More

You might have a list of cities or countries in mind to visit. Ask yourself whether or not you have the budget for these trips, and what you should do to fund it. It’s always great to find accountability partners to help you with you goals.

Spend less, save more

Money! Who wouldn’t want a few hunnid thousand saved in their wallets and bank accounts? The holidays is a time where many spend a whole lot on gifts and frivolous things and discipline is the strategy for budgeting and increasing your income. Talk to a professional financial advisor, join a group, sell some clothes, or find a side gig to start.

Get organized

Out with the old and in with the new. Time to clear the clutter and everything else that is causing too much clutter in your life. Set up a schedule to declutter emails and files as well as keeping track of your paperwork, bills, taxes, and other important documents.

Prioritize self-care

Saving the best for last because we all have been guilty putting many things before our self-care and well-being. Spend more times on things that make you happy and give you peace. Decrease your phone usage and social media time, take a solo trip, do a spa day, hang out with friends and family.

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