5 tips to overcome social media burnout

There are pros of being a social media consumer. You’ll always stay abreast of what’s going on in the world, keep up with the latest, trends, and while watching the glamorous lives of your favorite celebrities [Okay just kidding].

Then there are the negatives!!! Social Media is always ON! At times you feel a slight case of F.O.M.O [Fear of missing out] when you hear others talk about the latest hot gist. And let’s talk about that mindless scrolling that seems to eat up into your productivity. This often causes mental fatigue and plenty of stress in the long run.

This message is a loud one for many of you. As our screen time increases and our lives intertwine with the internet, it’s important to have some strategies in place to keep you from burning out.

Here are five tips you can use to save your sanity.

Shut off your mobile notifications

That dig notification on your phone can literally trigger an impulse to check your phone. Turn them off.

Schedule breaks

Keep a schedule throughout the week and insert time blocks for social media breaks. Facebook has a “quiet mode” to help limit screen time on the app. It’s part of its time management app. Instagram also introduced two features to help social media addiction called “Take a Break” and “Daily Limit.” The Take a Break feature is only available on iPhone, but you can set up your Daily Limit on both iPhone and Android.

Prioritize self-care

Listen to how your body response to stress. Figure out things that you enjoy outside of social media. Reconnect with friends and family [Outdoors], exercise, go to the spa, travel without having to snap photos to oppress your followers on social. Be intentional about being present.

Seek help

Social media burnout if not treated properly can impact your health. If you are struggling to change your behavior or limit the use of these platforms don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to a professional or reach out to friends and family who have been through it so they can identify different strategies.

Schedule content in advance

For many millennials, the use of social media is a part of your job responsibilities. Reclaim your time and batch up your content and schedule things out in advance. Developing a content posting framework that you can repeat on a weekly or monthly basis make streamlining your content easy.

Laura Onyeneho

I cover Houston's education system as it relates to the Black community for the Defender as a Report for America corps member. I'm a multimedia journalist and have reported on social, cultural, lifestyle,...