"The Embrace" sculpture depicts the historic moment when Dr. King hugged his wife, Coretta, following the announcement that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.Credit: John Tlumacki / Boston Globe via Getty Images file

What in the “I Didn’t Dream This” world is going on in Boston, MA? The city recently unveiled a new bronze sculpture commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. Maybe I’m not a true art connoisseur, but I need someone to help me understand how this sculpture, titled “The Embrace,” was ever given the green light. I mean, there are levels to this thing. Someone had to pay the $10 MILLION it cost; Someone had to sign off on the sketches; Who stood around and said, “Yeaaaah, this is nicccce???”

I’m not alone. Backlash ensued soon after the monument meant to honor King and his wife, Coretta Scott King‘s, legacy was unveiled. The 20-foot tall, 40-foot wide was unveiled in the spot where King gave a speech on April 23, 1965, to a crowd of 22,000. The statue was inspired by a photograph of King and Scott which captured them hugging after he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. The art piece, designed by Brooklyn-based conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas, only features the couple’s arms during the embrace and not their heads, which has sparked criticism and mockery online. Some people described it as hideous or disrespectful while others posted memes and said it resembled a sex act. I’m going to agree with the latter. It’s sad that Dr. King’s memory has been regulated to joke status. This is an epic fail.

What’s going on in the Harris County jail?

Jail isn’t supposed to be nice, but it’s not supposed to be a death chamber either. Family members and community activists are among those demanding an investigation into the Harris County Jail in the wake of 29 deaths there in just over a year. Two people have reportedly already died at the jail in 2023. Last year, 27 died there — the highest number in almost two decades — amid concerns of unsafe circumstances at the facility, which has suffered from overcrowding, a lack of personnel, and charges of abuse and neglect. The Jailhouse Justice Coalition, a neighborhood advocacy group, held a vigil on Sunday, calling for Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg to launch a special investigation into the deaths. The group also wants body cameras for jail staff, an end to the practice of sending inmates to other correctional facilities, and the dismissal of charges in cases older than nine months. The blame game has begun but this one warrants some more answers as to what’s really going on?

Farewell to our favorite internet granny

If you never heard of Ms. Holla, you missed a treat. The woman who delighted internet users with her enchanting personality and hilarious viral videos, has passed away at age 97. Social media users responded with love and prayers for the family after hearing about the passing of the beloved internet star who spent part of her life working as a special education teacher.

Ms. Holla (also known as Grandma Holla), whose real name is Helen Davis, rose to fame with her blunt commentary (she reminded me of my own grandmother-curse words and all). The viral sensation commented on various topics, including celebrity news, relationships and advice for young people. In one of her final videos, he TikTok star showed off her famous smile and wished her fans a Happy New Year. Google her and prepare to be entertained. And please ignore her family drama online as they beg for contributions to their GoFundMe account. Sigh….