Then-President Donald Trump elbow bumps Herschel Walker during a 2020 campaign rally in Atlanta. Photo by John Bazemore/AP.

Herschel Walker’s moronic U.S. Senate candidacy reveals the stark difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans don’t care who’s running or the immorality, ignorance and hypocrisy they bring with them. They simply want victory, and all that it brings. By any means necessary. Principles be damned.

Dems and progressives, however, need everything to be perfect in their candidate. And short of perfect, they will literally not vote and open the door for a Trump, a Herschel, a Jan. 6 coup and a rollback of all basic human rights. Folks, your vote is not a confession of love for the candidate. It’s a chess move for the world you want to live in.


In case you missed the year-plus Jan. 6 Coup Committee hearings, here’s a summary of what their evidence reveals to be fo’sho, 100% true about Trump’s coup plan.

First, if Trump lost the Nov. 2020 presidential election (which he did), he would claim victory and call the election a fraud (rigged). If that didn’t work, he’d call states and attempt to get them to “find” votes to change their results. If that didn’t work, he’d lean on the SCOTUS to declare him the winner —a  sure bet in Trump’s mind since he picked three of the justices himself, and had Clarence Thomas and wife literally in his pocket. There’s no way in hell he saw that failing, but it did.

Then Trump employed, with money from some of the wealthiest CEOs from America and beyond, to form fake state elector groups to submit fake (i.e. illegal) state election results to Congress to have the election certification go Trump’s way. If that federal crime got found out (which it did, yet the guilty perpetrators have yet to spend one second in jail), the Coup Crew’s next move of this plan devised by Trump’s inner circle, the so-called “humans” Roger Stone, John Eastman, Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn (and too many GOP lawmakers to name, w/ Cancun Cruz being one of’ em), would be to issue a call to all MAGA supporters to come to D.C. on election certification day (Jan. 6).

The MAGA faithful would serve as a human shield for the armed insurrection forces (Oath Keepers and Proud Boys) to gain access to the U.S. Capitol and force lawmakers to keep Trump in power or kill those who refused to shirk their legal and moral duty to certify the will of the American people (the election results of a Biden/Harris victory).

Plan Y (as in, these Y people ain’t playing), if all that failed: 1) have GOP state lawmakers pass a tidal wave of voter suppression laws all across the country, 2) get election-denying, believers in the myth of white supremacy to violently threaten election volunteers to the point of them quitting, 3) run election deniers for state election administrator positions so they can “officially” declare the winner of the 2024 election to be whoever they say it is rather than who the voters say it is and 4) run election denying, white nationalists (who come in all colors) for every position on the ballot in every state, to grease the wheels for Trump to once again avoid accountability for his crimes and to waltz his way back into the White House in 2024. So again, VOTE!

I'm originally from Cincinnati. I'm a husband and father to six children. I'm an associate pastor for the Shrine of Black Madonna (Houston). I am a lecturer (adjunct professor) in the University of Houston...