Local Artist You Need to Know: Ashleigh Brae
Ashleigh Brae

Ashleigh Brae was one of the artists featured in our first ever “Local Artists You Need to Know” article back in March. But please excuse me; her talent is so phenomenal, I just felt compelled to present the sister to you, the Defender faithful, “one-mo-gen” (i.e. one more time).

Talk about diverse. Lord, have mercy. That’s exactly who and what Ashleigh Brae is. She will steal your heart whether singing gospel, Christmas songs, neo soul or country. How this sister isn’t a household name nationally is a crime that needs to be solved… or better yet, rectified by all who hear this sister’s soul-stirring voice, screaming from the mountaintops (or at least Hermann Park’s Hippie Hill) so that folk near and far become introduced to this powerhouse.

And though we’re months away from another Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo moment, check out Brae’s song “Longhaul,” either the studio version or the acoustic joint. Both will put us all in touch with our Black cowboy legacy.

Or peep her TikTok duets singing “The Best Part” and the one she does with the acclaimed actress/singer Cynthia Erivo. And if you’re in a Christmas mood (and you better believe, the Christmas season will be upon us before we know it), or even if you’re not, do yourself a favor and have a listen to what she does on the mic with gospel artist Kurt Carr during their rendition of “Oh Come All Ye Faithfull.” I guarantee, you will hear yourself saying what I said when I first heard Ashleigh Brae’s voice: Lord have mercy!

And check out one of her songs she produced since last she was spotlighted in the space; “Too Much to Carry.”

YouTube: Ashleigh Brae

Instagram: @iamashleighbrae

Twitter: Ashleigh Brae