Top 10 Under-Appreciated Superfine Soul Sisters
Freda Payne

Let me start by making it perfectly clear that the finest sister in the universe is my wife. Period. Let me also state that I could easily put together a list of the finest Black women ever, made up of the usual suspects. You know who they are.

Instead, this list highlights incredibly stunning Black women who, for reasons I can’t comprehend, fly under the radar when folk discuss who they believe to be the most beautiful. But without further adieu, here’s my list, in no specific order. And let me again reiterate, my wife is number one on any and all such lists.

#10: Deborah Ayorinde – This sister had a small role in Marvel’s Luke Cage. She had a much bigger role in the horror show Them. And I guess that makes sense, because she is scary beautiful.

#9: Victoria Dillard – Yes, Victoria Dillard was one of Prince Akeem’s bathers in the classic Coming to America. But it was her role in the woefully under-appreciated movie Deep Cover where Dillard’s beauty shined brightest.

#8: Lupita Nyong’o – I could hear Lupita say that line from Black Panther, “I’m not a Dora,” a million times and it would never get old. She’s so stunning she made the Black Panther, then Prince T’Challa, freeze like an antelope in headlights.

#7: Chelo Alonso – If you don’t know you better “ax” somebody. Chelo Alonso was a huge star in her native land of Cuba, but still found her way into a few US films… and into countless hearts.

#6: Kelly Rowland – Here’s a hometown entry. And because this is not the Usual Suspects list, it’s not Queen Bey, but rather her equally gorgeous Destiny’s Child ride-or-die.

#5: Bernadette Stanis – Here’s one sister most young folk don’t know nuthin’ ‘bout dat. But back in the day, “Thelma” (from Good Times) was number one in all the brother’s hearts.

#4: Judy Pace – Speaking of Good Times, those who know will never forget the episode when James Evans came mighty close to stepping out on his wife Florida. The sister actress he was looking hard at, and who was looking hard at him, was played by Judy Pace. Pace made a decades-long career of literally playing the “sultry and superfine beauty” no one could resist.  She was literally born for the role.

#3: Jill Scott – The former NBA player who had the audacity to clown people on social media for celebrating the absolute super fineness of Jill Scott found out with the quickness that Black Twitter wasn’t having any of his nonsense. Who is he? He doesn’t deserve to be named because he had “Zero” sense. And you might be saying, “If all these folk were expressing their belief that Jill Scott is gorgeous, how does she make this under-appreciated list?” Good question. Answer: she’s just that fine! Plus, y’all already know that sisters who are labeled “plus-size” rarely get the amount of appreciation they’re due. Plus, that “plus-size” label is stupid anyway.

#2: Freda Payne – Again, if you don’t know, you better “ax” somebody. One year in the mid-70s, Ebony’s annual swimsuit issue, which usually featured a bevy of soul sisters modeling swimwear, said, “Forget that; we’ll use just one model.” That one model was singer/entertainer Freda Payne. And I’m not sure if Ebony ever made a better decision before or since that move. Lord, Lord.

Freda Payne

#1: Nichelle NicholsStar Trek’s one and only, the late Lt. Uhura! “Live long and prosper,” whi’cho bad self.

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