Civil rights activist Najee Ali one of the leading activists in Los Angeles and CEO of Project Islamic Hope  – and Pastor K.W. Tulloss, Western Regional Director of The National Action Network L.A. Chapter, Weller Street Baptist Church and a national coalition of civil rights and religious leaders – are calling for a boycott of the National Football League (NFL) until former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick is signed to a NFL team.

Protests are also planned outside games/facilities of the L.A. Rams’  (owned by Stan Kroenke) and L.A. Chargers’ (owned by Alex Spanos) pre-season games.

“There is no doubt that Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL owners for exercising his first amendment rights in a non-violent peaceful statement. Kaepernick was trying to draw attention to racial profiling, police abuse and the disproportionate amount of people of color being killed unjustly by law enforcement nationally.

“The NFL is a form of the modern-day plantation, most of the players are black and the ownership is all white. They’re treating Kaepernick like a runaway slave, making him an example so other players get the message. Do not get too uppity or we will blackball you. The parallels are very much like slavery, except the players are million-dollar slaves under contract who have made billions for the NFL.

“African-Americans, Latinos and anyone who believes in social justice should boycott all things NFL. Kaepernick stood up for all people of color when he didn’t have to and could lose millions of dollars in salary and endorsements. Kaepernick wasn’t in danger. He has lead his team to a Super Bowl appearance and has enough money and fame to deal with the police if he had too. It’s African-Americans and Latinos who continue to be in danger of being unjustly killed by police. It’s our sons and daughters. Kaepernick realized that and took a knee for us and used his platform to highlight those facts nationally.

“Now it’s our turn to take a stand on his behalf. The NFL could care less about players first amendment rights, social justice, human rights, or the fact that African-Americans and Latinos continue to be killed by police nation-wide. Kaepernick’s teammates voted him most inspirational, the Len Eshmont Award, demonstrating what his teammates thought of his stance and character,” said Project Islamic Hope’s Najee Ali.

“The National Action Network stands in support of Kaepernick and will lead a statewide boycott of the NFL along with encouraging others not to attend a L.A.Ram, L.A.Chargers or Oakland Raiders game until Kaepernick is signed to a NFL team,” stated Rev. K.W.Tulloss, Western Regional Director of The National Action Network L.A. Chapter.

The two say the coalition’s first NFL pre-season protest will be Saturday August 12 at 3: 00 pm at 39th and Figueroa Street outside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where the LA Rams will play their home schedule during the 2017 NFL season.

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