All across the country, Beyonce’ fans set out to snag tickets to the highly anticipated world tour of their favorite artist. 

In a statement on its website, Ticketmaster warned: “Fan demand already exceeds the number of tickets available by more than 800% based on the registration numbers in the Group A cities. It is expected that many interested fans may not be able to get tickets because demand drastically exceeds supply.”

And with that, millions of fans were left heartbroken as they couldn’t secure tickets. Those who did are super excited and say it was worth the effort.

Here, fans weigh in on their quest for tickets:

“I’m an active Beyhive member. And I was able to secure tickets. However, it was a completely different experience. The process was great since we didn’t have to fight bots to get tickets and resale them. But I know a lot of true fans that said they were on a waitlist that never received a code for entry.” – Shelley Harvey

“I got my tickets. It was a little nerve-wracking though because available seats were disappearing before my eyes while trying to get the best seat & price.” – Angela Carroll Jackson

“It’s a definite hustle!! I feel like this is out of control and I’m a die-hard fan who has never missed a concert and seen her in two cities, even willing to go overseas and make a trip of it.” – Andrea Odom

“Got mine!! Was notified yesterday, via email, that I was selected to join Beyhive presale. Received texted access code a few hours later. Once you sign in, there’s a countdown. Once tickets go on sale, you’re placed in another queue. There, you’ll see your place in line. It went relatively quickly for me. They’ll notify you when you are next. Next screen asks for Beyhive code. Your account needs to match Beyhive info. How TM knows this, no clue. But if you don’t have it, they will stop you at the gate. Next screen shows regular TM interface. You have maybe 6 minutes to choose seats. When you’re ready to purchase, they’ll have to send another code for verification. After that, you’re all done. All I can say is be prepared. Once you’re in the queue, it’s like TM has you on autopilot and you’re along for the ride. Make sure your payment is updated and you have a general idea of where you want to sit. TM provides a seating chart while you’re waiting in the queue. Do not refresh any screens. Do not open another browser. Use computer for tickets and phone for the notifications they’ll be sending throughout the process. Thankfully, I had a friend, whose friend had already bought a ticket at 2pm give me the rundown so I was ready (at least I thought I was ) when my code went on sale at 4pm. Yes, they stagger purchase times to prevent everyone being on all at once. Was able to buy 4 tix–super great seats at good prices. Whew, it was a lot…but I’ll be there!! .” – Sonia Johnston

“I’ve been waitlisted!! .”- Coop Cooper

“I’m interested to see how many tickets are actually left over for Citibank card holders and fan favorites. Also, the ticket prices jumped. Floor seats were $1,250 and up with majority of the VIP areas being standing room only. 100 level tickets were $950+; 350 level tickets were $500 + ; 600 level tickets were; $160 +. For all fans waiting for their day to purchase, if you do not have a code then you will not be able to secure tickets. No way around it.”

“I’m a verified fan HOWEVER they put me on a wait list. I wasn’t behiving enough. Mind you, I paid almost $600 last time she came.” –  – Venetric Faye

“We got them… it was very hard and stressful.. my friend is in the beyhive so she was put in the lottery. She was then wait-listed. On the day of the pre-sale she got a message around 3 that she was up and she could purchase tickets.. so she immediately had to go to the link and purchase… she selected 4 time before she was able to purchase…” – Shay-La Evans

“I didn’t get a presale code. None of my friends got a presale code. We all got waitlisted. I’m pretty annoyed. I’m signed up for section C as well, so I’m crossing my fingers, hands, legs and eyes that I get a presale code…lol. Ticketmaster needs to go. There has to be a better way.” – Jennifer Neal

“Took some internet pizzazz and translations to get registered. The actual buying was painful because of the time-zone, site busy/slow,etc. I was pleasantly surprised. Expected it to take longer and be more expensive. Got them at presale -Paris.” – Jen Emory

“This will be the first time in her career that I will have to miss her tour. I’m a super fan but ummmm…its not going to happen for me sis!” – Dayna Curry Wilkins

“I got them.. it was easy.. they were also affordable.” – Rosalyn Parks

“Nope! I KNOW I’m a ‘verified fan’ — however, I wasn’t able to access the site and was given a message that my email address wasn’t reflected to a verified account. That’s just not true. It was sort of frustrating since I also didn’t get picked from the early waitlist over the weekend.” – Tera Stidum 

“I got tickets but, I felt like I was on the Hunger Games….” – Brittany Francis

“I have been placed on the waiting list. Its such a bittersweet feeling. I understand the reasoning to weed out ‘the bots,’ but at the same time you have true fans that’s not able to purchase tickets.” – Shayla Boyd

“Got off the waitlist today only to discover all tickets were pretty much sold except VIP $3,500 and high demand tickets $999. HOU 9/23 show. Disappointed, haven’t missed Bey since 2014.” – Tilisha Michelle

“I was able to get four tickets, but it was not fun. I went through the process on my iPad (due to being in child taxi driver mode). I had to go through it twice because it dropped one of my tickets during checkout when Citi forgot it was supposed to actually let me purchase and texted me mid-purchase with a fraud alert. No fraud, these tickets are just that dang high. So I bought three in the first round, circled back and bought the last one. Like everyone else, I saw tickets being bought up as I was trying to select them, and lost out on the first four I picked. Tickets ranged from $240 to $3500+. Fees are outrageous.” – Chantay Sanders-Boulware