You don’t have to accept cravings as a part of life. If you often have cravings, then you know how powerful they can be—they’re like a little demon beckoning you to the fridge, to the pantry, to the corner store that has quite the selection of ice cream and candy. Cravings are usually impossible to ignore and the only way to get rid of them is to indulge them. Cravings may also be the one thing that’s been derailing your otherwise quite on-track diet. And that’s a shame because you’ve been working hard at that. But has it over occurred to you that your cravings are trying to tell you something? They’re a symptom of a larger issue –just like headaches can be a symptom of dehydration and gas can be a symptom of a food allergy. Here is what your cravings say about your diet.


If you crave a big juicy steak or burger every night, and you indulge that craving, you could be putting your heart at serious risk. And you don’t really need the meat; what you need is more iron.

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You can get more iron without becoming a full-blown carnivore. Beans are high in iron and a great vegetarian source of protein. Dried figs and prunes are loaded with the stuff, too, so blend these into your smoothies.


Do you often find yourself craving the comforting texture and taste of a doughnut, a big bowl of pasta, or endless breadsticks? Does this come at a time you’re feeling depressed or depleted of energy? You may be vitamin B-12 deficient.

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The quickest path to getting back on track is to take a vitamin B-12 supplement. As for your diet, try eating red meat once a week, liver, mackerel and fortified soy.


Soda is certainly tasty but if you feel it fulfills an even deeper need for you then there is a good chance you like A) The caffeine in it and B) The refreshing coolness and bubbles of it. And you need these things because you’re low on energy.

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If you want a chilled drink to perk you up, try kombucha. The probiotics in it can wake up your digestive system, and a slow digestive system can leave you feeling sluggish.

Grilled cheese

Or all things cheese, really. This one is more simple than it appears. Things like grilled cheese and pizza are fatty. You crave them because your body is missing healthy essential fatty acids.

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When you want to order a big pie with pepperoni, instead try eating salmon or walnuts. You could also add flaxseed to your cereal, yogurt, and smoothies.


If you have a sweet tooth you may simply be hypoglycemic. To put that in simple terms, your blood sugar gets low. Some people experience it daily while others only experience it every so often. Either way, low blood sugar usually causes you to crave sweet things to give your blood sugar a fast boost.


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