Who is Michael Otule?

Age: 32

Occupation: Sr. Business Analyst

Education: University of Houston-Victoria

Major: MBA- Management

Motto: “To be freed to live my own life”

Unknown facts:

1. I tend to listen to Disney songs when working out sometimes.

2. I’m a late bloomer so I’m having a lot of “first’s” (First time out of the country, soon to be first time living in another state, etc)”

Fitness start: “Two things, 1. I wanted to build a closer relationship with my father. Growing up I was never into sports, but that’s how my little brothers and him bonded. So I noticed he would have bodybuilding magazines mailed to the house all the time so after college I thought, here’s my chance. 2. I’ve always wanted abs abs wanted to see them. Even though I was toothpick skinny I never seen my abs before.”

Fitness advice: “Remember that whatever your fitness goal may be, just know that it’s not a short-term experience. Think of it more as a lifestyle change that requires consistency, dedication, and discipline. Prepare your mind so there no such things as a failure.”

Top 3 fitness tips:

1. Re-Rack your weights! It’s super insensitive, selfless, and tells me all I need to know about you. You don’t have a maid

2. Keep your fitness goals somewhere visible so that you are constantly looking at them

3. DO NOT QUIT! Don’t open any room for excuses.

Social Media:

IG: @otulefiness

Twitter: @motule

Website: Coming Soon!

Nutrition: Six meals a day-combination of Proteins, Veggies, and Fruits.

“With 6 meals a day I’m eating a combination of…Protein: Chicken, Turkey, Tilapia, Salmon; Carbs: Red Skin Potatoes, Jasmin rice; Veggies: Green beans, asparagus, spinach; Fruits: Blueberries, bananas; Fats: Cashews, peanut butter.”

“Baby steps. Yes, we know you want to change right away, but you have some bad habits that you need to break. It’s the saying ‘It takes 21 days to form new habits!’ Allow yourself some grace.”

Physical: I fell in love with compound movements.

“After my last bulk/maintenance season, I fell in love with compound movements (deadlifts, barbell row, squats, etc) as these are what I feel to be the core workouts that help build that foundation needed for all other types of exercises.”

“One of the major things I see is when people comprise on their form to left weights that are beyond their strength. Cut it out! There is nothing wrong with going down in weight so make sure your form is correct. I promise, the people you want to impress, are not impressed. Respectfully! (Haha)”

Mental: I make sure I take breaks.

“Whew! I’m still working on this BUT between all my to-do lists and note-taking, I make sure I take breaks. And I mean sit in front of the tv and veg, breaks. Not using my brain at all.”

“Though I love listening to audibles and podcasts, my brain still sees that as “work” as I’m listening to episodes and books to better myself. in certain areas.”

Spiritual: I maintain my spiritual strength by building what I feel my relationship with God looks like.

“I maintain my spiritual strength by building what I feel my relationship with God looks like. Not what other people tell me it should look like.”

“So because I’ve built my own relationship with Him, I now feel super comfortable ask/telling him about anything and everything, anywhere!!!”