Fit & Fine: Shannon LaNier Part II

CW39 news anchor Shannon LaNier has been on a journey over the past six weeks to shed his coronavirus quarantine weight and reclaim his six-pack abs by his 41st birthday on Monday, June 29.

We are happy to report, not only did LaNier embrace our Defender #CutUpCovidChallenge, he crushed it, losing nine pounds, gaining muscle weight and, yes, uncovering those abs.

Brace yourselves for the big reveal and a recap of how he did it. Click ‘next’ above.

The Reveal

LaNier revealed his ripped, new body during a recent photo shoot. He attributes his success to having a fitness goal, accountability partners, being aware of his food macros, and intensely working one muscle group at a time. Get the details, click the ‘next’ six slides to learn more.

How did he do it?

LaNier strongly recommends working out with a fitness trainer that is experienced and looks the part. For him, it is important to be trained by someone who he aspires to look like.

The Defender asked LaNier a few questions to explain his process:

Defender: Your abs are killer! What does ab day look like for you?

LaNier: “Most people will not believe this because I never really do ab-focused workouts. However, there were lots of leg workouts and exercises that work several body parts in one movement. So, my core was still engaged and stimulated.”

Defender: What is your upper body workout routine?

LaNier: “As part of my strength training, I had to incorporate thirty minutes of cardio on the StairMaster or treadmill. Then, the last week and one-half, I did one hour of cardio. My strength training workouts took about one hour or a little more. I would focus on one main body part per day for five days a week. Except for Saturdays, I did a full body HIIT training with no weights. Luckily, my trainers had digital training help for those who can’t make it into the gym. Visit GiveUs30.com to sign up.”

Defender: What counts the most to accomplish a fitness goal within a short time?

LaNier: “For me, it took a trainer like @TheBodyShopHTX, and a lot of discipline and determination. Yes, I did cheat and mess up a few times, but I tried to get right back on the horse and start again. The biggest thing is to not give up and to stay focused on your macro diet and exercise routine.”

Goals. Goals. Goals.

In this video, LaNier and his fitness trainer Jermaine Patterson share how to set fitness goals, and what type of workout is best to accomplish the goal.

As well, when the muscles want to give out and you want to give up, do not stop. LaNier and Patterson, share how to manage sore muscles from working out so that you don’t derail your goals.

The importance of macronutrients.

The goal is not to ‘diet,’ but to get the appropriate amounts of macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats on a daily basis. Watch this video to learn which macro equation is right for your body type and goals.

Meal planning is a must.

Nutrition and meal planning are just as important as the workout. Watch this video to learn how LaNier made meal planning simple with @BeeFitFoods.

Are all smoothies created equal?

Smoothies are a part of most fitness routines because they are made from whole fruits and vegetables, and are high in vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients. In this video, LaNier visits @redsjuicejoint to learn how to incorporate healthy smoothies into his routine.

What’s next?

What’s next for Shannon LaNier, we asked.

LaNier’s response:

“Usually after I get in shape for a vacation or photoshoot. Right after, I pig out and stop exercising hard. This time, I am not going to make that mistake. I will continue working out and eating healthy. My food plan was a big part of my fitness journey. So, having a meal prep company like @BeeFitFoods helped make it a lot easier.”