Older woman talking to doctor in office

Partners in Primary Care is a unique medical center that specializes in providing Senior-focused primary care to over 35,000 Medicare patients across the nation. Now, you can find them in Houston and experience patient-centered care with staff, services, and facilities specially designed to meet the specific needs of seniors as they age.

Why is senior-focused primary care better?

What truly sets Partners in Primary Care apart is that they’ve taken the time to understand the health challenges that seniors face and have tailored their primary care services to deliver the best possible care to their patients. 

What does senior-focused primary care mean?

Every one of their centers has a Care Team that’s been specially trained in senior care and is genuinely passionate about helping their patients as they get older. Each member of their Care Team plays a role in their patient’s health journey, from their board-certified doctors to their referral specialists, behavioral health specialists, clinical pharmacists, care coaches, social workers and administrators, which means you’ll be well taken care of from beginning to end. 

Always looking to deliver a patient-friendly experience, they’ve designed each center with their patient’s comfort in mind, conveniently accommodating walkers, wheelchairs, free parking and more! Partners in Primary Care centers also feature an in-house activity center that offers educational seminars and fitness classes. 

Partners in Primary Care is now accepting new patients at their recently opened centers in the neighborhoods of Downtown East, Gulfgate and Jacinto City. They’re also opening their Pasadena location in October and their Baytown location in December. 

Downtown East

5104 Harrisburg Blvd., Suite 800

Houston, TX 77011


545 Gulfgate Center Mall

Houston, TX 77087

Jacinto City 

1910 John Ralston Rd., Suite 200

Houston, TX 77013

For more details, visit SeniorFocusedHouston.com or call 832-862-8886.