It’s a wrap, folks. The last episode of Steve Harvey‘s talk show “Steve” aired Wednesday, after it was announced in January that his time slot would be given to Kelly Clarkson‘s “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” 

Bishop T. D. Jakes was a guest on the show, and what he said seemed to touch the 62-year-old so much, he shared it on Instagram.

In the caption of that post, Harvey wrote “There is no better guest to have today than the inspiring @bishopjakes. When I said I didn’t know what God had planned for me, Bishop Jakes shared his powerful message why I shouldn’t know.”

And that message had to do with not letting uncertainty scare you because it’s needed for growth.

“You’re not supposed to know [what’s going to happen],” Jakes told Harvey. “Life is a mystery. If you take away the mystery and everything was certain you wouldn’t need faith. So God often puts us in positions where we don’t know to destabilize us from thinking and relying too much on what we know.”

Jakes then used a workout analogy to make his point.

“Like a trainer who starts you out on a weight machine, and then he puts you on a bench and he gives you free weights because now it’s less stable,” he explained. “The less stable it is the more muscle you build. So the more unstable your life becomes the more you have to go inside yourself to stabilize yourself.”

“You’re strong enough to withstand instability,” added Jakes. “And if you knew everything, you’d have no room for faith, for discovery, for innovation. Because creativity comes in uncertainty.”

A lot of folks seemed to agree with what Jakes had to say and thought it was incredibly accurate. 

“Excellent word,” one person wrote on Instagram.

Others expressed how sad they were that Harvey’s talk show is going away.

“I am going to MISS YOU,” someone wrote under his post. “I have learned so much from you. I thank you