With the new year approaching, there are a lot of bad habits that couples should shed. Fighting over who is going to do the dishes or dirty laundry is super petty. Save the real arguments for things that matter like the bills stacking up. As we look forward to a year of positivity – follow these upbeat, yet simple tips that will hopefully get your relationship off to a strong start! These tips also work for singles!

Make More Love and Fight Less

Intimacy is a must for couples going through turmoil. Spend your 2017 arguing less about the small things and focus more on your intimacy game. There is nothing more special than cuddling up with your bae on a bad day.

Give Each Other More Space

It’s easy to crowd your loved one. Sometimes we go so hard with proving our love that we become super annoying. For 2017, spend time with your partner for sure, but make it a habit of spending some quality time with yourself.

Stop Being Nosey – Socially

For 2017, stop super stalking your partner. Stop going through all of the pages of the women or men who like your babe’s page. Showing love could mean something bigger – but for the sake of maintaining your mental health – make the assumption that the engagement is innocent. Stop trolling too!

Relax Off Social Media

Aside from being easy on your partner socially – take the time to cut back on updating the world regarding all of your moves. Unless you are in the entertainment business or consider yourself a blogger – there is no real need to update your family and friends every 30 seconds!

Start A Savings Plan

Let’s shoot for a financially fit 2017! Sure you should indulge in some of your favorite items like a new handbag or shoes – or maybe a grand annual trip with your bae – however, as a couple the thing you should be focusing on is building your wealth for the long term!

Visit Family More

For 2017, make it your mission to hit the road and visit your family more – no matter the distance. Also, focus on working with your partner to build a stronger bond with your family and vice versa.

Take A Few Mini-Vacations

This is usually a priority for most couples, but next year versus talking about it – actually make the time to go on that vacation you always dreamed of. If saving is an issue, try joining a savings club to help jump start your plans!

Get Serious About Settling Down

If you’ve been with your babe for a decent amount of time – apply a little pressure when it comes to chatting about your future. Sure, you don’t want to force anyone into marriage and kids, but you also don’t want to sit by idling as well! You should never let 10 years plus creep up on you with no real solid commitment.

Take Some Classes Together

Who said you had to learn new subjects alone? For 2017, enroll in an entrepreneurship class or fitness class with your love. Learn how to manage your finances or how to make movies via a production course. Imagine the possibilities!

Eat Out Less, Cook In More

Yes! For our foodies – trying out new restaurants are a must! However, if you plan for a more financially fit and healthier new year – try staying in and cooking! Test new recipes with your baby while learning about various food cultures.

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