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Y’all already know, we, the Blacks, can make up some words in a minute, and keep it movin’ like nobody’s business. So, there are a gazillion that I could have chosen to feature in this first installment of “The Dirty Dozen: Top 12 made-up Black words.” But, because there are so many, as I just stated, this is only the first installment.

So here goes…

#12: “Beecho” – If you have no idea what “beecho” means, you literally never got in trouble in your life. But for the rest of us mere mortals, we’ve heard this a time or two from parents, aunties, guardians, etc. … “You even think about doin’ that and Im’ma beecho ass.”

#11: “Fidnah” – This is pretty much self-explanatory, but I’ll use it in a sentence anyway, just to make sure you’re on point: “I’m fidnah beecho ass.”

#10: “Walmarks” – The Blacks will take the name of an established global corporation, and make whatever “adjustments” we feel like. Walmarks is such a perfect example, half of y’all reading this think that’s the actual name of the store.

#9: “Skrate” – I don’t have to explain this one, because if you’re reading this article, chances are, you “skrate.”

#8: “Aightden” – Not knowing this one here will get your Black Card revoked. “Aightden” has an almost endless amount of uses and meanings, the most common being what we say when we’re about to exit a spot or wrap up a conversation—“Aightden.” But the bruhs also use this when we see a Tika Sumpter-lookin’ sister—“Aightden!” This word is also used as a warning that you’re moving dangerously close to having someone tell you, “I’m fidnah beecho ass.” But instead of using all those words, they just say, “Aightden…” and kinda don’t finish the sentence. They leave the word hangin’ so that you can fill in the blanks and get “skrate.”

#7: “Werf” – If you’re gonna play like the pronunciation police and try to correct someone who liberally spits this word, just know, it ain’t even “werf” it.

#6: “Supposably” – Please, Lord, whatever you do, don’t tell anyone who uses “supposably” in a sentence that the word is actually “supposedly.” If you do, just know they “fidnah” “beecho” ass.

#5: “Pacifically” – Again; if you hear this, just let it ride. It ain’t “werf” it, bruh.

#4: “Balentine’s Day” – Not even holidays are safe from the wrath of Black word remixes. For some reason Valentine’s Day not only has the B-boy version, it also has “anutha one,” i.e. the DJ Khalid remix: Valentime’s Day.

#3: “Iownno” – If you’ve never heard this one, you’ve never been a parent and/or you’ve never been a Black child. “Iownno” is the standard kid answer to the parent question, “WHO DID THIS?!?!” FYI: If you were an only child and tried to pull this one off… props G.

#2: “Awholenutha” – This made-up Black word is so common, I know Blacks with Ph.D.s who use this “ontheregala” (oops… bonus word).

#1: “Irregardless” – But even more prevalent than “awholenutha” is the made-up Black word that sits on the Iron Throne. And for those few who have no idea what it means, let’s use it in a sentence, shall we? EX: “Aightden; Iownno if you think it’s werf it on this Balentine’s Day to supposably go to Walmarks thinkin’ you skrate, but I’m fidnah beecho ass into awholenutha universe, pacifically because you got it comin’, irregardless of any excuse you let come “outcho” “mowf.” (oops… more bonus words).

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