April Ryan‘s book, Under Fire: Reporting From The Front Lines of the Trump White House, talks about how she’s been under attack by people in the Trump Administration and issues like HBCUs and how the White House handles black issues. Sybil’s Book Club is going to get a sneak peek of the book the day before its release on Friday August 31 at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion.

She says that it got so bad that Sean Spicer threw water on her after a press conference and she was also recorded without her knowledge by Omarosa.

Ryan claims that Omarosa, whom she thought to be a friend at one point, tried to end her career to benefit her own.

People love drama and the drama that is coming out of the white house has always been a big issue but it was brushed off. Now, people are realizing that “this is a national security issue,” people should not be in the White House recording the president or staff without their consent or knowledge.

Omarosa tells a story that makes her look, “innocent,” but Ryan says that “everybody’s dirty,” adding that she tells both sides of the story in her book.

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