Donna Jordan was sick of watching her son die.

Michael B. Jordan, who most recently starred in “Black Panther,” made a career change to stop his “super emotional” mom from crying, he revealed in an extensive interview.

“When I shot my death scene in ‘The Wire,’ she was on set. And the (production assistants) kept coming to me and saying: ‘You may want to check on your mom,’” the 31-year-old actor told The New York Times.

“I go see her, and she’s sitting there bawling. I’m just a kid. I’m going, ‘Come on, Ma. You’re embarrassing me.’ And after ‘Fruitvale Station,’ I was like, ‘Man, this is really affecting her.’”

So he started taking on roles where he didn’t die: “Fantastic Four” and “Creed” and “That Awkward Moment.” Roles where he survived. Roles where he thrived. But he had an ulterior motive too, other than making his mom happy.

“I want people to see me win,” he told The Times. “I want audiences to see me ending up on top — not dying.”

Jordan said he’s taking cues from stars like Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington, with whom he was doing the interview, but he’s doing pretty well on his own too, with starring roles in “Creed II” and “Fahrenheit 451” on the horizon.

The up-and-comer is choosing his roles carefully, though. He knows how picky he has to be.

“Those are the roles I was lucky enough to get. Ryan (Coogler) and I have worked together three times, and I have a really close relationship with him,” Jordan told the Times.

“But I said no to lots of other things with other people in-between. They weren’t right. Personally, I think you’re defined by what you say no to.”

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