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Queen Latifah from ‘Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop. Courtesy Netflix.

Folk are always saying, “There ain’t nothin’ to watch on Netflix.” I know, because I’m one of the people guilty of uttering those words. But truth be told, if you do a little digging you’ll find some hidden and not-so-hidden gems.

But to save you the trouble of scrolling through the endless options, here are five very binge-worthy series to check out.

The Fall of the House of Usher

Though Halloween has come and gone, the time is always right for something creepy. “The Fall of the House of Usher” isn’t horror, though some might classify it as such. It’s got a spooky edge to it, which shouldn’t be surprising since the series and its eight episodes are based on tales written by Edgar Allen Poe. The series is murder mystery meets suspense meets the supernatural/macabre. I was a big Poe fan growing up, so I was immediately hooked by the show. But you don’t have to be familiar with his writing to be reeled in by this series, most of which centers on two people having a conversation in one room. Sounds unappealing until you see for yourself how mesmerizing that one conversation in one room is.

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They say road rage incidents are increasing exponentially. That’s no surprise when you think about the craziness of the times, and the number of folk who are on the edge, capable of going off at the slightest provocation. Well, “Beef” is what happens when two strangers, both living on that razor’s edge, find themselves each in the wrong place at the wrong times. “Road Rage” doesn’t even begin to describe what happens next. I’ll just say, if you expect the unexpected, you’ll still be shocked at where this ride leads.

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Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop

This being the 50th anniversary of the founding of hip-hop, it’s only fitting that Netflix has a series or three about the art form. This one focuses on the pioneering soul sisters who have yet to get their just due for their foundational and ongoing contributions to the rap game.

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I’m trying hard not to say too much. I don’t want to spoil this one for you. So, I’ll just say, on one level, “Bodies” is about four police detectives in four different times each trying to solve the mystery of a body that mysteriously appeared in their district. On another level, at its core, this series is about the critical need we humans all have to know that we are loved. Lacking this knowledge can have negative ramifications that stretch beyond time and space. Yo, I’ve already said too much. But you still need to check “Bodies” out.

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Blue Eye Samurai

When I first saw this title, I was like, “Not another white boy learning some other culture’s most ancient traditions and then becoming the expert and defeating all the indigenous masters.” That euro-centric storyline is as played out as MapQuest and MySpace. Luckily, “Blue Eye Samurai” does not follow that script. If you’re a fan of compelling stories, breathtaking visuals/animation and an ensemble of interesting characters, “Blue Eye Samurai” is worth your time.

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