Hip Hop legend, actor and activist, Common, block walked in the Cuney Homes to encourage residents to vote.

“We can make a difference, we can change things,” said Common to one Cuney Homes resident, who was one of many to get into serious discussions with the rapper about the current state of political affairs in the U.S. “With this administration there’s too much craziness, too much worry. We need some peace.”

Common and his team partnered with the Houston Area Urban League Young Professionals (HAULYP) in an effort to maximize voter participation on the last day of early voting, and to move others to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

“We’re out canvassing in the 3rd Ward, in the Cuney Homes where actually George Floyd grew up,” said Ray Shackleford, president of HAULYP. “We’re going to go out here, a majority Black neighborhood, and knock on doors to make sure they know today is the last day to early vote, get them out to vote and keep pushing these record numbers.”

HAUL president Judson Robinson III was on hand, as well.

“We’re here to inspire people,” he said. “We’re here to remind people that there is hope, to reclaim the vote and that their voices do have impact and power. And with Common’s symbolism and coming to this neighborhood to say, ‘It matters that you get out there; I’m here to ask you to get out there and vote,’ that says something. And we appreciate this brother for coming to Houston to let the people know that he is counting on them to reclaim their vote and to make history.”

HAULYP member Marcus Esther was one of many young Black professionals who joined Common in canvassing.

“Statistically speaking, certain areas in the city of Houston have low voter turnout. So, the HAULYP want to help bridge that gap, want to help get people out.”

Common has been to several cities across the country participating in similar Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts. After Houston, he’s on to Detroit, the largest city with the largest Black population in the battleground state of Michigan.

Aswad Walker

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