A Houston-based company, imaware, is a start-up that provides at-home test kits to detect disease that is offering 250 free COVID-19 test kits through a new partnership with the Houston Health Department.

The tests are for high-risk people with COVID-19 symptoms who can’t leave their homes.

If you qualify for testing, a medical assistant will come to your home to administer a swab test within 24 hours of your approved request. The test kit is then mailed to a CLIA-certified lab, and you get your results back in two to three days.

“Our online quiz will put you into risk buckets and see if you’re eligible to be tested if you’re high risk,” said imaware co-founder Jani Tuomi. “I think as time goes on and more supply becomes available, people who might be more like a medium risk or medium eligibility will become available for testing.”

The tests are free for those that qualify through the Houston Health Department, and costs $135 for those that don’t, but you may be eligible for insurance reimbursement.

To see if you qualify for a free test through the Houston Health Department, you can contact their COVID-19 hotline at 832-393-4220.

Imaware also offers an online quiz that determines eligibility.